Investing in renewables for better business effect

BSH in Northern Ireland

Belfast-based ice cream manufacturer Riada, which also supplies desserts, patisserie and fine foods to Northern Irelands hospitality industry, has invested £50,000 in a revolutionary renewable heating solution designed by local heat engineering specialists BSH and fuelled by locally produced brites pellets. A first for the ice cream industry in Northern Ireland Riada is reducing its business overheads and using these increasing green credentials to help them drive new business in 2014.

Commenting on the new system, Norman Adair, Director, Riada said, “Investing in a new heating system for pasteurising our freshly made ice cream was an essential step in our business development. As a company we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and we wanted to improve our green credentials and at the same time find a way of reducing our energy overheads without compromising the production of our ice cream”.

“Riada works with a number of clients operating within the hospitality industry in Ireland including hotels and independent caterers who maintain stringent environmental policies, and in order to remain competitive in the market we made the decision to adopt further sustainable practices. We are confident that the ‘greening’ of our production process is a positive venture to attract new business in 2014”.

The design and installation of the innovative BSH modularised biomass boiler system is enabling this busy ice cream producer to cut its carbon emissions by 97% and substantially reduce the cost of heating at its Belfast facility for the next 20 years through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Brian Hood, Managing Director, BSH said, “With the cost of traditional energy contributing substantially to rising operating costs, businesses are increasingly turning to energy efficiency as a way to not just be more sustainable, but also cut their overheads.”

“Our team installed a 66kw biomass boiler that along with the government’s RHI will ensure that the technology pays for itself in less than 12 months, and will allow Riada to get on with delivering for their customers in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.”

Riada’s new biomass system is fuelled by Fermanagh produced brites, which is already a popular choice with organisations within the hospitality industry. Paula Keelagher, brites Market Development Manager added; “More and more businesses are realising the incredible cost savings and environmental benefits associated with using wood pellet fuel. Through using brites, Riada also have the guarantee of having a secure indigenous fuel supply for the 20 years of the RHI.”

For further information on how a biomass heating system can benefit your business please contact BSH on 028 9073 2233