Our History

Founded in 2000 by Brian Hood, BSH has grown to become one of Northern Ireland’s leading heat and cooling system specialists.

With over 40 years’ of mechanical and electrical engineering expertise, the company was initially formed as a pre-packaged plant room and boiler manufacturing division, and has grown steadily through a series of targeted investments and diversifications. 

BSH is now the leading provider of biomass systems that harness renewable energy and enable customers to cut their carbon emissions and achieve significant cost savings. 

We have worked with 20 of Northern Ireland’s leading businesses to manufacture and install bespoke renewable technologies, helping them save thousands of pounds on their annual energy bills. 

The company has provided multinational retailers, international manufacturers, public sector organisations including; universities, hospitals and health care providers as well as numerous residential schemes and projects across Ireland - North and South - with comprehensive heating and cooling systems.

Our Green Credentials

Going green makes good business sense. Of course you want to improve your bottom line and investing in biomass boilers will help you realise significant cost savings. 

Moving away from traditional and costly fossil fuels will reduce your overheads through lower energy bills and also reduce your carbon emissions. 

But you can also achieve a competitive advantage if you work implement business practices and process that help protect the environment. Awareness of a company’s environmental policies is increasingly a deciding factor for customers and business partners and having a reputation for taking a green approach to business could be the deciding factor on winning new business. 

Going green can also help you attract and retain talented employees. Employees, especially young professionals are choosing to work for companies that are environmentally responsible. 

The installation of a BS Holdings system doesn’t just reduce your carbon emissions, it could be the first step to moving your business towards a responsible, proactive and efficient green success.

Our Complete Service

BSH Heating Design

Design & Build

BSH’s team of engineers has a proven track record of quality design. We are leaders in the development of modular designs and our engineering concepts have been developed to meet the specific needs of clients’ businesses and the limitations of their premises. We work with you to fully understand the requirements of your heating or cooling system and will produce a bespoke design that can be adapted to your individual requirements.

BSH Installation


As leaders in modular design, we have streamlined the installation process to minimise any disruption to our clients’ operations. Our modular units can be pre-erected and assembled for easy lifting and transportation making installation quick and easy. Commissioning is completed by our expert engineers who will assist your plumber to install a fully operational unit. A large proportion of the work is executed off site, minimising any issues and allowing BS Holdings to address any complications prior to installation.

BSH After sales support

After Sales Support

We have a dedicated after sales team of engineers and technical advisors on call to give you support in the unlikely event that there is an issue with your system. Peace of mind is guaranteed with our monthly service check, trouble-shooting service as well as scheduled maintenance by our trained operators. BSH takes pride in our excellent customer relationships and will respond to any queries as well as providing you with ongoing expert advice on enhancements or advances we are making to our technologies.