What is biomass fuel heating?

Biomass is fuel from organic materials - renewable, sustainable and clean energy. BSH technologies utilise biomass wood pellets that are locally produced in the UK.

These pellets emit much lower net carbon emissions that conventional heat sources such as gas, heating oil or electricity.  

Biomass fuel has been proven to deliver significant and cost-effective carbon savings, especially in commercial and industrial organisations. As well as offering carbon savings, biomass is a secure, reliable fuel source that minimises fuel price volatility that is often experienced by oil and gas users. The resulting savings can have a huge impact on your overall operational costs. BSH has invested significantly in developing biomass boiler systems that can remove your fuel costs through practical and effective provision of space heating, hot water and process heating/steam from a low carbon fuel source.

What are the benefits to biomass heating?

Reduce your heating costs

Heating costs represent a significant part of company and individuals’ annual overheads. Our biomass boilers are designed to remove your fuel costs . This is achieved through increased efficiency as well assisting customers to benefit from the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, which can cut the cost of your fuel bills for up to 20 years and allow organisations to tap into payments for harnessing the power of renewable energy.

Carbon neutral energy

Biomass heating systems developed by BSH can reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint. As companies seek to improve their environmental performance, biomass offers a cost-effective, carbon neutral fuel that has been cited by the UK government as one of the leading methods to reduce your overall carbon emissions and meet our obligations to increase the use of renewable energy.

Greater efficiency

Companies in both the public and private sector are working hard to increase efficiencies and drive down costs. The boiler systems we have developed offer high heating efficiencies of up to 96% in comparison with standard oil boilers. On a unit cost basis, biomass fuels can be cheaper than many fossil fuels commonly used for heating. Cheaper fuel translates into lower running costs, and hence annual savings which over time help pay back the capital outlay on the biomass system. Combined with the financial incentives offered by the UK Government for renewable heating projects may be available which could help to improve the economic performance of the project further.