Lower carbon emissions

Biomass wood pellets are recognised globally as one of the richest sources of sustainable, environmentally fuels.

The increasing cost and scarcity of fossil fuels as well as a global focus on using more renewable energy has brought biomass fuels to the fore.

Although burning biomass releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, this is offset by the carbon dioxide absorbed in the original growth of the biomass. In fact use of biomass can save up to 20 million tonnes of CO2 per year.


Lower cost fuel source

As the price of energy continues to rise, biomass offers a lower cost alternative. It is a sustainable and cheaper alternative to oil, with some customers reporting a 100 per cent reduction in comparison to using oil heating.

With guaranteed 20-year fuel price transparency as well as schemes such as the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) the financial benefits of using using biomass go beyond just being cheaper than fossil fuels.


Locally sourced fuel

Our wood pellets are sourced from the largest wood pellet mill in the British Isles. Based in Enniskillen, Balcas Ltd are a leading provider of brites a wood pellet made from pure sawdust and held together by the woods natural lignin. The locally sourced, premium quality wood pellets offer monetary benefits as well as genuine security of supply.

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