What is a modular system?

BSH lead the field in the design and build of modular design systems. Our modular design enables quick assembly, scalability, installation and the flexibility to meet you expanding energy needs.

Our intelligent design system, with automated processes integrates seamlessly into your plant or organisation and the modular design allows you to add more units should your energy requirements increase. 

Each modular unit is uniquely designed to tackle issues of space and ensure maximum efficiency from your boiler system. Our systems are ideally suited for buildings or premises with a significant and variable demand for heat. 

Offering maximum design flexibility, as well as controlled efficiency using our modular design system offers you a compact solution that minimises installation time and is part of an overall system designed to put you fully in control. 

Depending on your requirements we can increase or decrease the number of units to ensure a reliable and efficient heating system.

Key benefits to a modular system

Our modular systems offer a number of attractive benefits to the user:

- Ideal for pre-erection assembly
- Maximisation of space
- Suitable for stand-alone package plant rooms
- Potential for growth or redundancy should your requirements change

- Low risk of total system shutdown
- Efficient heat control
- Quick and easy replacement of individual units
- Standard replacement parts are readily available

BSH modular systems

Pre-erection assembly

BSH is able to carry out pre-erection of your modular system in a controlled environment off-site. This means that any issues or problems can be quickly and easily resolved prior to installation.

As well as executing a large portion of work off site, we are also able to coordinate and design a space-saving solution that meets your needs, however small the installation site may be. 

Our pre-erection assembly service makes construction a rapid process, minimising down time at your plant or organisation as well as reducing costs due to the quick hook up and commissioning of the system once we are on site. 

Costs are reduced for installation, meaning that as soon as we have the design system in place, you can immediately start saving money on your heating bills.