Strathaven Leisure Centre, South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture

Project Overview

BSH were approached to Blantyre Park Services to provide a pre-package plant room for the Strathaven Leisure Centre . 

Consulting Engineers KJ Tait provided and outline specification of what the council had desired, BSH took that design and provided a comprehensive and complete layout to accommodate.


The objective was to provide an energy cabin which mirrored the services already found within the aging plant room. Once complete the interior plant room could be devoid of our services as all heating and water services would be provided from the energy cabin.



BSH provided the new energy cabin housed in a Kingspan Micro rib 45mm composite cladding in matching colour. Within the cabin the services comprised of  2* 300kw natural gas fired Hamworthy boilers, a plate heat exchanger indirect cylinder for hot water and 10,000L of stored cold water with a boosting set for cold water services.