Riada Ice Cream, Belfast,
Northern Ireland

Project Overview

Belfast-based ice cream manufacturer Riada, which also supplies desserts, patisserie and fine foods to Northern Ireland’s hospitality industry, invested £50,000 in a revolutionary renewable heating solution from BSH.

A first for the ice cream industry in Riada has replaced the previous electric powered system and is reducing its business overheads. Using these increasing green credentials to help them drive new business in 2014.


- Provide a heating solution for the pasteurisation process at Riada Ltd
- Replace the electric heating system with a renewable technology
- Reduce carbon and CO2 emissions
- Reducing energy bills
- Providing energy monitoring and support
- Assisting with RHI application and support




Riada’s manufacturing facility was fitted out with two 33Kw biomass boilers, fuelled by locally produced brites pellets. Our team installed the system in a pre-packaged plant room, providing a bespoke solution to meet the needs of this busy manufacture.

We installed a Verdafero monitoring system to ensure Riada can capture and analyse utility usage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This unique system ensure the heating solution is working correctly to deliver energy saving.



- Technology paid by the savings gained over 33 months
- Cut carbon emissions by in their pasteurising 97%
- Riada will be saving £12,000 per year on fuel
- Potential earnings of £6,000 under the RHI for the next 20 years



“Investing in a new heating system for pasteurising our freshly made ice cream was an essential step in our business development. As a company we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and we wanted to improve our green credentials and at the same time find a way of reducing our energy overheads without compromising the production of our ice cream”.

“We are confident that the ‘greening’ of our production process is a positive venture to attract new business in 2014”
Norman Adair, Director, Riada