Charles Hurst Mallusk, Renault Van Centre
Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

Project Overview

The Renault Van Service Centre, Mallusk is part of the Vans Direct NI network run by the Charles Hurst Group, providing new and second-hand vans and commercial vehicles. The premises were previously fitted with oil-fired warm-air heaters but with customer demand at the centre growing a new, sustainable and environmentally friendly system was required.

The Renault Van Service Centre were keen to keep up with plans already implemented by the Charles Hurst Group and therefore recruited BS Holdings to design an innovative new system that would adhere to the sustainability plans of Charles Hurst. Given the successful working relationship BS Holdings had already developed with other Charles Hurst locations, the Renault Van Service Centre were confident the company would deliver an efficient product that would enable the Charles Hurst Group to further take advantage of the Renewable Heat Incentive.


- Replace the out-dated oil-based heating system with an efficient and environmentally friendly biomass system.

- Ensure that the Charles Hurst Group’s energy strategy is implemented at the Renault Van Service Centre.

- Create a more environmentally friendly work environment for both customers and staff.

- Ensure that the new system is both sustainable and cost-effective.

- Ensure that all requirements are met to ensure the heating system qualifies for the -Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)



A 99kW wood pellet fuelled system was installed at the Renault Service Centre in Mallusk by BS Holdings, in consultation with sister company Sheridan & Hood. The new system provides both space heating and hot water for the van centre.



The system delivers increased annual efficiency over the previous oil boiler system installed and enabled Charles Hurst to comply with the demands of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) with:

- A saving of 51.5 tonnes of carbon each year.
- A return of £15,500 through the RHI each year.
- A saving of £20,000 in fuel costs for the Renault Van Service Centre through the RHI.
- Over the next 20 years the branch will save £263,000 with free heating costs


“Finding an environmentally efficient and cost effective heating system for the Renault Van Service Centre in Mallusk became a priority not just for the company but also for our customer. Charles Hurst’s proactive sustainability strategy works in tandem with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) ensuring the unique heating system provided will ensure the Van Service Centre has no heating costs over the next 20 years.”
Mr Bill Henry, Energy Manager, Charles Hurst Group