Galgorm Castle Golf Club, Antrim,
Northern Ireland

Project Overview

Ballymena’s Galgorm Golf Club wished to upgrade its dated LPG heating system and electric immersion to grow the club’s green credentials and reduce fuel overheads. BSH were recruited to install a pre-packaged plant room in order to allow the existing system to remain in place but unused in the event that a backup method of heating should ever be required.


- Replacing outdated existing heating system with a state-of-the-art biomass system
- Achieving greater annual efficiency
- Improving heat security with multiple boilers working at once rather than one boiler providing all heat requirements
- Reducing business overheads
- Reducing carbon and CO2 emissions
- Assisting in RHI application and acceptance




BSH installed a Biofuel Heating System contained in a Pre-Packaged Plant Room to allow for the original heating system to remain in place as a backup. The BSH system includes a 99kw model comprised of 3 boilers with 5 stages of modularisation.



The system delivers much greater annual efficiency than traditional single boiler systems and also increases security with multiple boilers providing heat to the site when required. This new biomass-fuelled setup also enables Galgorm Golf Club to take advantage of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

- Sustainable and secure heating
- 61,000kg per annum carbon reduction
- Acceptance into the RHI
- Contained boiler system in a tidy pre-packaged plant room



“Having met with BSH and learned more about how a biomass system could massively reduce our heating costs, it was a simple decision. The whole process has been very quick, simple and streamlined. The installation only took one day with next to no disruption for our business or customers. The impact of reduced heating costs will have a massively positive effect on our bottom-line.”
Gary Henry, General Manager, Galgorm Castle Golf Club