Cranleigh Leisure Centre, Surrey.

We were approached by Waverley Borough Council to review a heating boiler which had collapsed in Cranleigh Leisure Centre, Surrey. Cranleigh is the largest village in England and has a population of 12,000 so it is well used facility.

On review and detailed discussions with the council BSH pointed out that their proposals for a replacement boiler in the same location was not feasible. The EU regulation changes on equipment efficiency meant that the boiler type was no longer available and what was available could not be moved into the basement location owing to size restrictions. The council engineering team agreed and supported our view that an exterior energy cabin would be a viable, cost effective and mobile alternative.

The council wanted a mobile plant as their plans were in keeping with the government's announcement they desire 8,000 new homes in Cranleigh by 2031 with 450 new houses in a scheme with immediate planning in 2018. The council plans a new larger complex and hence it was felt this centre has a further five year life span so the BSH cabin can be relocated and used in the next project.

The plant took 6 weeks from order to be fabricated and tested, 4 days to install once on site and provides the centre with 500kw of condensing high efficiency natural gas fired heating. Weighing in at 2.6 tonnes it was clad in fire rated cladding for safety and provides a 90 minute fire barrier. 

Consulting Engineer Steve Gray of Climate Integrated Solutions Ltd commented on the high standards of engineering and work of the energy cabin and how easily the transition to install it was.